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Chauhan & Chauhan Associates

C-484, Divider Road, (Opp. H-Block), Ganga Nagar, Meerut. (U.P.)

Mobile: +91-9412104019
Telefax: +91-121-4001185
Web: www.landsurvey.in

Plot Demarcation

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We offer Plot Demarcation services to cater to the needs of real estate developers and civil construction sector. The survey and demarcation of plots are undertaken on the basis of two leading land demarcation systems, which are metes and bounds (MB) and the rectangular system (RS). MB demarcation system distinguishes properties on the basis of the perimeter as indicated by natural features and human structures within local political jurisdictions.

Whereas, as per RS system, the land and plots are governed using common grid with uniform square shapes, sizes, alignment and geographically based addresses. Our team provides these services in a very systematical manner by first gathering complete information and analyzing the client’s situation and then providing the best solution suitable for their particular needs and requirements.